Why choose Semicolon People Recruitment Process Outsourcing service?

Our recruitment outsourcing solutions can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team, off-site, or through a combination of both, across country-aligned, multi-regional or global remits.

  • Talent Engagement: Attracting the right people to your organisation and getting candidates and employees to fully engage and connect with your company’s values, goals, and principles.
  • Candidate Management: Our framework is designed to engage candidates at each step of their journey so that they supported and feel positively about our clients’ overall recruitment experience from start to finish.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring that operations are legal and ethical, setting business objectives that promote strong values and reduce risk and understanding stakeholder expectations of the business and how to prioritise and meet them.
  • Hiring Manager Engagement: We create lines of communication between our hiring managers and account teams, ensuring hiring managers are always up to date on the roles they are recruiting for and the state of the business.
Why Semicolon People
  • Commitment
  • Huge database
  • Global Network
  • Global Mobility
  • Reliable Communication
  • Multi-sector Market Knowledge