Why choose Semicolon People payroll service?

Semicolon People offers outsourced payroll services to different company sizes and across multiple industries. Our industry-leading solution provides businesses with the ultimate level of payroll support. An outsourced payroll means a more streamlined, efficient operation, resulting in cost efficiencies for your business. We offer:

  • Employee payroll account set up.
  • Payment method set up.
  • Withholding of all applicable income and payroll taxes.
  • Remitting payroll taxes to the tax department.
  • Managing any applicable employee deductions.
  • Managing any end-of year tax forms and declarations.
Why Semicolon People
  • Advanced systems and processes for managing tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines
  • Clear and detailed documentation of the processes.
  • Quick to adapt with you as your business grows or as laws change.
  • Full accountability.