Talent Solutions

Talent Solutions

Recruitment, head-hunting, executive search, mass recruitment campaigns, global mobility, and recruitment process outsourcing.
Manage Services

Manage Services

Field sales marketing, last-mile delivery, admin manage services and call center manage services (inbound – telesales).
Running Lean

Running Lean

Greater value with fewer resources. Eliminating waste and increasing operational efficiency.
In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.Julie Bevacqua

We bring employers and job-seekers together through a well-developed infrastructure with the goal of optimizing the utilization and satisfaction of all parties involved.

Who we are

Why Semicolon People

We provide tailored human resources solutions based on your business’s needs that will help you achieve your targets in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Global Expertise

Headquartered in the UAE but we have operations across all continents and established international networks to support global clients.

Solutions That Last

Our innovative and effective HR solutions can help your business recruit and retain employees who can add measurable and lasting value and manage them as well.

Putting People First

We tailor benefits and exclusive deals based on your needs and our strategies running lean, increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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Our Services

Business Driven
People Centric

We offer to include employment services such as payroll and our priorities have always remained the same: to benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with a employer.

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a human resources

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